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Coaching for expats in Vejle

As part of the international community in Vejle,  I’d like to offer a session with life coaching for expats in Vejle who would like to try it. I’m currently studying to be certified as a coach at ID Academy, where the studies are in Danish, and I’d like to get some practice doing some international coaching (in English) as well.

Some expats move to Vejle with spouses and family, and fitting into society or finding work can sometimes be a challenge. I moved to Denmark in 2005, and I know parts of it can be challenging. Even though coaching for an expat may not be the answer to all challenges involved in moving to a new country, I’d like try and see if I can be of help. Risk-free.. (see below)

What is coaching?

Coaching (life coaching, career coaching or “expat coaching” – is that a real term?) is a process supported by a professional coach, to support someone’s personal or professional growth. In life, that means helping people identify goals, and supporting them in achieving those goals, but life coaching could also include other aspects of life.

  • If feel that you’re stuck in a part of your life, and would like help with how to move on.
  • If you are facing difficulties with a person or a situation in your life.
  • How to handle a specific relationship more creatively or productively.
  • Letting go of convictions that hinder us in our lives.

Coaching differs from therapy, in that we don’t take a deep dive into your childhood and try to unravel that. There’s a place for that, for some, but in terms of coaching, we focus on the now, and how it affects the future.

About me

I have 20 years of experience in international business, I have lived in New York (USA), Sweden (where I’m from) and Denmark, and worked all over Europe. Whether leading a team at work or supporting people I care for and about, I am engaged in both heart and mind. My life as an expat in Vejle is with my two children, who are the center of my life. In addition, I have a daily meditation practice with techniques I have used to achieve a life balance in the past 7+ years.

Are you an expat in Vejle, and would like to try coaching?

People’s happiness means a lot to me – hand in hand with the relief of suffering. If you’d like to try coaching for a session – or two or three, please write a comment below, or send me at email at [ calle at hunefalk dot com ] – or find your way to Facebook and write on my page there. You should even be able to send me a PM through the page on Facebook, but who knows… 🙂

Expat coaching (did I just coin a term?) is risk free, which means that you pay what you want, if you feel that the session was helpful. It would take place at the center of Vejle, or possibly your home, wherever is suitable. Since I’m still studying, I don’t have dedicated space set up for coaching – I also have a full time job, so we’ll have to work around that to find a slot in the calendar.

Please feel free to share this offer with any expats in Vejle or nearby that you know, and we can see if we can find a time for a coaching session.

Apologies for the empty website, I hope to add pages as soon as I can. 🙂

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