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Dealing with difficult relationships

The holiday season is drawing near, and along comes the time where we usually spend a lot of time with family and relationships. Sometimes it’s with people we only see once or twice a year. Along for these get-togethers, we tend to bring all the history of previous times we’ve met, including frictions and conflicts that have occurred.

When we have difficult relations to our family – be it a parent, sibling, uncle or cousin – we tend to react the strongest. Family bonds are the strongest, and when there’s a conflict, we hurt the most, and then follow our reactive habits. Having to spend a whole day – or several – with people you find hard to be around, can really leave traces that affect you for quite some time. And then next time you meet, all the difficulties resurface.

Coaching and difficult relationships

How can a life coach help you deal with difficult relationships? Well, first of all, I think it’s important to mention that we don’t dive into your entire childhood – that would be therapy. Instead, we focus on how you can deal with the situation better, in the future.

There are a lot of ways to change our perspective, and which way we use, depends on your situation. We look at what you need, how you feel in a situation that’s challenging to you, if it reminds you of similar situations, what your attitude towards the person and/or situation is, and we identify solutions that suit you – both practically and ethically.

More skilful ways of handling difficult relationships

We can’t really control the reactions of others around us – which is often what make some relationships difficult. However, we have a chance to change our own perspective, and how we deal with people we find difficult.

Do you have a difficult relationship in your life, that you’d like to deal with, without the pain and drama?

When old habits show up, we tend to follow them without thinking. Once we’re aware of what we do, we can change how we see things, and how we behave.

Ask yourself: “Is there a person I’d like to learn how to deal with in a better way?”

If anyone comes to mind, consider a coaching session to see if that can be helpful. Contact me today, by filling out the comment form below or on Facebook

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