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My life is not your life

What is life coaching to you? If you have never tried it, what would you expect?

A number of people I have come across, in coaching sessions, expect the answers to come from the coach. “What would you do?” is a frequent question.

What would you do?

The thing about professional coaches is that they won’t dictate your life for you. Since coaching is not regulated, anyone can call themselves a coach. Some that do, but are missing the education, take their own life as a template and tell people to follow that. “Do what I do, and everything will be great” kind of mentality.

Or that is what some people expect, for the coach to provide the answers, the template for the happy life.

Of course, it can be a good thing to follow someone else’s example. It can help you deal with situations more skilfully. However, the challenges the coach has overcome are not the exact same as you face. Just blindly following what the coach did, can just as easily have a negative effect as a positive one.

blindly following what the coach did, can just as easily have a negative effect

So what does a professional coach do?

Through a lot of different techniques, we start out to learn and get some clarity – and help you get clarity – about your life, or whatever situation you are facing. Looking at a specific event, how you interpret it, what you associate with, your needs, and your attitude, for instance. We find out what’s important to you, deep down.

Too often we are blinded by the situation facing us, to remember what is really important to us. When we remember, a lot of times the difficult situation becomes easier to handle. Just because we can live with other outcomes than we previously set our mind to.

The professional coach helps you change your perspective. To see things in a new light.

The happy life is available for all of us. We just have find our own way to it. That’s what the good coach helps with.

So the coaching session is about you. The professional coach can certainly bring you suggestions, but it would be to help you take a step forward, to discover the rest of your path, for yourself.

After all, it’s your life.

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