Do you have three afternoons available in 2017, for about an hour at a time? Would you like to try life coaching?

Meet me for a cup of tea (or coffee if that’s your preference) in the heart of Vejle, and find out. Or just write me directly to schedule a session.

For three people, I will give away three coaching sessions, normally worth 500 kr.

Here are the criteria:

  • All three sessions are scheduled in 2017.
  • Only for adults.
  • Sessions are in Danish or English.
  • The location is Vejle. I don’t have a counseling room yet, so sessions are in my home, so far. If you live in Vejle and prefer your own home, that’s fine as long as it’s a place we won’t be disturbed for a hour.
  • First session is an hour and a half, the following two are one hour. I go by the human, and not the clock, so if extra time is needed, we make sure to finish the session properly.

If you are uncertain if it’s for you, then meet me for a cup of tea (or your preference) and I can tell you about coaching.

Send me a message on Facebook or email me to schedule a time.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments below or on Facebook.

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