What can you expect when coming to a coach? One thing is how a coaching session is carried out – maybe you have to just experience that – but what does your coach stand for. What values does the coach live by? To answer that question, I wrote a “manifest of giving” to briefly point out what I live by. What my values are, and what you can expect – something you can hold me to, in every situation, be it in a coaching situation…Continue Reading “Ethics and a manifest you can count on”

What is life coaching to you? If you have never tried it, what would you expect? A number of people I have come across, in coaching sessions, expect the answers to come from the coach. “What would you do?” is a frequent question. What would you do? The thing about professional coaches is that they won’t dictate your life for you. Since coaching is not regulated, anyone can call themselves a coach. Some that do, but are missing the education, take their own life as…Continue Reading “My life is not your life”

Do you have three afternoons available in 2017, for about an hour at a time? Would you like to try life coaching? Meet me for a cup of tea (or coffee if that’s your preference) in the heart of Vejle, and find out. Or just write me directly to schedule a session. For three people, I will give away three coaching sessions, normally worth 500 kr. Here are the criteria: All three sessions are scheduled in 2017. Only for adults. Sessions are in Danish or…Continue Reading “Three for free”

Ever heard of a life coach? Considered trying one? Going to a life coach can be helpful when you need someone to talk to, to get a bit of clarity in your life. Moving forward in a good way. With your relationship, career, job or studies. Where people usually go to a life coach People don’t see a life coach to talk through their entire childhood or dwell in the past. Most commonly, people see a life coach to move forward, in some situation. For…Continue Reading “Is coaching your cup of tea?”

The holiday season is drawing near, and along comes the time where we usually spend a lot of time with family and relationships. Sometimes it’s with people we only see once or twice a year. Along for these get-togethers, we tend to bring all the history of previous times we’ve met, including frictions and conflicts that have occurred. When we have difficult relations to our family – be it a parent, sibling, uncle or cousin – we tend to react the strongest. Family bonds are…Continue Reading “Dealing with difficult relationships”

As part of the international community in Vejle,  I’d like to offer a session with life coaching for expats in Vejle who would like to try it. I’m currently studying to be certified as a coach at ID Academy, where the studies are in Danish, and I’d like to get some practice doing some international coaching (in English) as well. Some expats move to Vejle with spouses and family, and fitting into society or finding work can sometimes be a challenge. I moved to Denmark…Continue Reading “Coaching for expats in Vejle”