About Carl-Johan (Calle) Hunefalk

Carl-Johan Hunefalk

Fast facts

  • Born in Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Lives in Vejle, Denmark

About Me

Professional Summary

I am a seasoned technology leader with over 25 years of experience in various IT roles. My journey has been marked by significant achievements in software development, team leadership, and strategic technology consulting. I excel in environments that challenge the status quo and require innovative solutions.

Highlights of my career include leading diverse global teams, driving digital transformation initiatives, and mentoring emerging tech talent. My expertise spans across a range of technologies and industries, equipping me with a unique perspective on how technology can be leveraged to drive business success.

Core Values


I believe in leading with empathy and kindness, fostering a work environment that encourages collaboration, inclusivity, and personal growth.


Integrity is at the heart of all my professional endeavors. I am committed to ethical practices, transparency, and accountability in every project I undertake.


A lifelong learner, I am continuously exploring new technologies and methodologies. My curiosity drives innovation and keeps me at the forefront of technological advancements.

Personal Touch

Apart from my professional life, I am passionate about mental health advocacy, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and continuous learning. I enjoy travel, exploring diverse cultures, and am fluent in six languages, reflecting my global experience and mindset.

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